Saturday, December 19, 2009

Headspin review of the year

Coming to the end of a difficult but ultimately successful year for Headspin it is a traditional time to look back and take stock of what has happened over the past twelve months.

The year started, as most years do, with the Headspin New Year party. As usual it was a packed out night which finished with the crowd still asking for more. Then Headspin's 11th Birthday party was another busy night, as most of our birthday bashes are. A few old faces come out the woodwork and we get  a chance to play some of the big tunes from years gone by.

Next up was DJ Format who has visited us around this time for a couple of years now, but he still seems to be a very popular attraction as the audience turned up in numbers and loved the seriously funky sounds he was spinning. A few residents nights followed in the spring which were good nights and we were still getting decent numbers and putting on good parties. Meanwhile we were trying to book suitable guests for future months, which was proving difficult.

We had Krash Slaughta, who can always be relied upon to put on a good show, make a return appearance in May, followed by a run of four residents nights over the summer. Difficult times for all clubs with students being away and the festival crowd notoriously fickle about club nights. We got through that though and had some great nights amongst a couple of slightly disappointing ones.

In October some of our hard work looking for good guests paid off when we had Ashley Beedle come and play. A cracking night was had and he played some of the sweetest funky, disco tunes we've heard. A full house and an amazing night for Headspin's Horrible Halloween party. The place was jumping and the atmosphere was superb. A bit of a change the following month when Jon Carter came to town. A guest we were excited about and thought would be great put on a good show, but the crowd was slightly disappointing.

If we have learned one thing this year it is that it is impossible to predict how busy a night will be. Sometimes when we have thought we might be quiet we have been busy, and when we have thought we would busy we have been a bit quieter. But that's what keeps it interesting.

The year ends with something of a change for Headspin. For the first time in 10 years, Headspin will not be bringing in the new year at the Bongo Club and will instead be having a Boxing Day blow-out. Giving the Headspin faithful an opportunity to blow away the Christmas cobwebs with a good old boogie to some proper funk, disco, electro and house music. The Headspin residents will all be in attendance, wearing their new chrimbo socks and jumpers, showing that we are the most fun family you can be with at any time of year.

A change in the plans for Headspin this coming year. We have decided to mainly concentrate on residents nights, with the occasional high quality guest to keep things interesting for everyone. This starts in January when Headspin reaches the ripe old age of twelve years old. The Headspin residents will be spinning the tunes the crowd love to hear. People tell us they prefer residents nights, especially for the birthday party. We don't want to disappoint our loyal clientele.

Check out the new flyer design for Boxing Day through to February, the first since Elph stopped doing the design. I think it's turned out quite nice but would love to hear your thoughts.


Scottie B said...

Wouldn't even had known that wasn't Elfs work. Did you do it yourself Al? Out of curiousity how come no more Elf?

Al D said...

Hey up Scottie.
A boy at my work did the illustration on the front and I did the colours and the back design. Though I pretty much copied what Elph had been doing for us previously. Will work on my own style for the next one.
Elph decided that he was too busy to do the flyers alongside everything else he has on the go. He missed a few deadlines for having things ready and kept me waiting for designs so we decided to leave it.
Shame, but all his work is appreciated.