Monday, December 29, 2008

Three years later

So after a hiatus of over three years I'm resurrecting my old blog. I should have waited until Easter to be traditional.
The thing is, it's easy to lose enthusiasm for it when you're unsure anyone ever actually reads the thing. So, if you do happen across this and want to see more of my musings please leave a comment saying whatever you like.
In the intervening three years and a few months I've become married, moved house, moved job, moved from PC to Mac, joined a band, been chucked out a band, got drunk approximately 300 times, been to three funerals, two weddings and on two overseas holidays.
I've had about twelve new favourite bands, I've bought less records than ever before, I've read a few good books and a lot of mediocre books. I've watched a lot of films, but I still don't get the subtleties and imagery that I'm sure are hidden away by the more accomplished directors.
I've become more cynical and less patient of fools but understand that it's important to try to be nice to people. I still can't stand bigots, racists, fascists, idiots, morons, cheats, liars and the lazy.
Here's a picture I took on Christmas day three years ago.

Let's not leave it so long next time, eh.