Wednesday, July 13, 2005

G8 to fuck

Well last week was a bit of a mad one.

The Make Poverty History march through Edinburgh on the Saturday attracted a crowd of about 200,00 middle class families who thought that hanging out in the Meadows and walking through the streets might bring an end to the suffering of millions in developing countries. Did it fuck, will it fuck.
The cost of policing and stewarding the thing would have went some way to helping though.
Does it help raise public awareness or convince politicians to do more? Does it fuck.
Does it make these twats think they're doing something useful and worthwhile for an afternoon before they fuck off back to their semi-detached in the suburbs in their 4x4 and stop off at Domino's Pizza on the way so they can fill their face with overpriced, under nutritious grease soaked cardboard washed down with 3 litres of Coca Cola and 5 gallon tub of Haagen Daz? Of course it fuckin does.
Anyway, I was there too and it would have been pretty shite if there hadn't been a squad of us getting pissed. Check the link for a picture of some of us earlier on in the afternoon. http://
Monday was better but still it was almost pointless.
Started out well. I skived off work so I could go on the anti-capitalist demo and there was a bit of a buzz around the city centre. Lots of photographers hanging around and all the shops had security staff on the door looking a bit nervous.
It started off in very good spirits though. There was a heavy police presence but that didn't matter, we were in the main group with the drummers and the clowns, and a few folk with scarves over their faces and we wear wearing our rubber George Bush masks we had bought for the occasion. Marched up to the financial district and were then forced down a side street and blocked off at both ends by riot police and basically held there for a couple of hours while the shit kicked off elsewhere. There were a few scuffles with people getting frustrated at being kept against our will when it had been peaceful but nothing too major.
Once we eventually got out of there after having to get searched and give our names and shit we went to the pub and drank quite a bit before heading off to find some action. It was mainly done but the police were still pushing folk around and telling them where they could and couldn't walk for no apparant reason.
We walked along a bit and there were a few hundred people gathered with a bunch of them throwing bricks and stuff at the busies but it all seemed fucking ridiculous to me. No one is actually making a point by throwing a brick and it makes fuck all difference to the police. To them it's just a reason to break your head and chuck you in a cell.
I went to the pub.
Next thing there's more fighting and shit on the Wednesday at Gleneagles and then bombs going off all over the place in London.
Why doesn't everyone just chill the fuck out?