Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's go to work

This week I have been really suffering with a bad cold.

I had hoped to get out and do exercise during the week but that has not been on the cards at all.

It started off on Monday morning as a sore throat which wasn't too bad, I hoped it wouldn't come to much. Same thing on Tuesday but also with a cough and a bit of a drippy nose. By Tuesday night I was starting to feel pretty rotten. All day Wednesday and Thursday I was hot then cold, nose running like a tap, achey muscles and generally feeling pretty rank.

But I've still been going to work. I'm right in the middle of my busiest time of the year and can't afford to not be there. I have staff who would be able to do bits of my job but there are other bits that only I am up to speed on and I wouldn't want anyone else making a mess of.

If it had been almost any other week that I was ill I would take the time off but this week I just couldn't be away if it could be helped.

I don't mind though, I don't really like phoning in sick, my attendance record is pretty spotless. 3 days off in the 29 months I've been in the job which was when I sprained my ankle and couldn't walk.

I wish other people had the same attitude though. Too many people phone in sick at the drop of a hat and try and milk it for everything it's worth. And I'm sure a lot of it isn't as bad as is made out. Back pain, depression, stress, anxiety and other 'illnesses' are very hard to prove or disprove. Anyone can pipe up, "Ooh, I'm depressed, and I have a sore back, which is making me anxious". Not a lot we can do as long as their doctor buys their story and that's the last we see of them for a couple of months. Meanwhile the few left at work have to carry the can for the rest of them.

Once one person goes off sick it's like a domino effect, everyone feels they have the right to a few days off work, a few days extra holiday.

I'm not saying that anyone who is genuinely ill should struggle in to work, but a bit more responsibility would go a long way. The prevailing attitude that sick days are there to be used is a bit past it.

I'd rather go to work when I'm feeling ropey, it's rubbish at the best of times anyway. I'd rather save days off for when I'm feeling good and can go and do stuff.