Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free Parking!

Quick update on the parking ticket story.

Got a letter from the council saying "Parking at double yellow lines is not permitted. Even if only part of a vehicle is parked at a double yellow line it is still liable to be issued with a parking ticket."

At this stage I thought it was going to tell me to pay up or else and was wondering if the early payment discount was out of time.

But the letter goes on to say "We can however appreciate that the vehicle was not causing an inconvenience or obstruction to other road users and in view of this the parking ticket will be cancelled on this occasion."

Get in. Make that one nil for common sense.


Evil Kneivel said...

Does anyone actually read this shite or even care?
Answers on a postcard please.

naldo said...

Hey, Evil, if you geez yer address i'll gladly send you a card. It'll give yer postie summat to titter at.

Al D said...

Well Evil, it would seem no, not really. But does that really bother me? No it doesn't.
The very existence of this blog clearly bugs you though, so that's a good enough reason to continue.
If you had something to say instead of belittling others from behind the anonymity of a made up name I would gladly read it.
Do let us know if you get round to writing anything of note.

PurestGreen said...

My boyfriend got a ticket like this - he was just over the line and there was no one else around. What's worse is the ticket guy had walked past him several times and could have asked him to move, but instead he waited until he left and then put the ticket on the card. Rather than kick up a fuss my boyfriend just paid it (and swore a lot in the process). well done fighting it - the bastards.

Thanks for popping by my blog. Hope you try the kale:)

ps- I have a feeling that Evil just goes around leaving the same comment on many blogs, in-between bouts of jacking off to YouTube videos. Right on.